Modern Artist
By Internationally Recognized
Sandra Scheetz Wise
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About The Artist
My Name is Sandra Scheetz-Wise
and I am a Thought Provoking
modern surreal artist, my art has
meaning, they must represent the
Environment, Political, or Society.
Be prepared you will find depending
on the painting, they could make you
laugh, cry, fear, or be shocked,
about the world around us.
What I personally appreciate about
my art is "you have to challenge
your mind", many of my stunning
paintings are different ways of
seeing reality in life. The works
explores symbolism and abstract
ideas as an embodiment of all life
events that have fused together to
shape a person and their
personality. One of these examples
are the plants that have eyes, they
represent how nature is watching
what people are doing to the planet.
And the carved twisted rocks that
represent your character, how
people say things to hurt you that
carve into your being as you are
growing up, you can forgive, but you
will never forget.
I have shown paintings in group
shows at the MOSI in Tampa, and
the OMA's First Thursdays in
People collect my paintings in
Beverly Hills, CA, VT, PA, Wash. FL.
Canada, Iraq, Netherlands, United
Kingdom, and many more. One of
my CHAIR paintings was shown on
Ovation TV's commercials for one
year in 2009, they now own the
original painting, and most important
to me is that a
Central Florida College studies my
symbolism in their Humanity Classes
alongside the masters, some high
schools all over the world study the
symbolism in these wonderful
paintings, won't your school be one
of them?
Sandra Scheetz Wise
Original Artist of
1. Flowers with Eyes
2. Crack in painting with
twi-lighted midnight stars.
3. Ladder Chairs that go
beyond the stars that twist
and loop.
4. Melting Light bulbs
5. Gutted Mermaids
6. Carved Twisted Rocks.
One Life Wildebeest
Represents how precious life is
Sandra Scheetz-Wise
Now lives in North Carolina, if you are a
gallery in any of the eastern states
surrounding areas of N.C. and would like to
exhibit her unique paintings please contact
828-766-7114  No Fees
Please remember she is being represented
at Universal Studios, in Orlando Florida,
If your interested in purchasing some of her
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